Hobbies and interests

Dear speakables,

There we were, ready to practice our communication and English language skills. After a brief reference to the motto of the evening „Hobbies and interests“ Ben encouraged us to use the word of the evening „fluffy“ – inspired by hairy dragon Fuchur in Michael Ende’s Neverending Story. Melanie introduced power poses to the audience and Sarah told us the humorous story of the one-legged, one-handed, one-eyed pirate.

Manuela was the first prepared speaker this evening. Again she impressed us with her magnificent bow. In part 2 of her speech series about her hobby Recurve Archery she told us about protective gear and demonstrated its application. In part 3 we will learn about the many parts of the bow itself. Evaluator Ben appreciated many aspects of Manuela’s content and presentation style. Speaker number two was Melanie. On one of her trips on the Kölnpfad her interest was sparked by the sight of the district Chorweiler. In her speech she presented the historical and architectural roots of this controversial district. Evaluator Lars enjoyed Melanie’s speech tremendously and gave detailed feedback and some tips.

Then Table Topic Master Franz invited Arnout, Manfred, Eduard and Manuela on stage for their spontaneous speeches. Manuela gave advice to her future self, Arnout spoke about whether he cared about what other people think, Eduard contemplated reasons for a good day, and Manfred considered what he might say to an angered friend. Sarah evaluated the Table Topics and found good tips for every speaker.

In good tradition our club’s native speaker Sarah gave us valuable advice about the correct use of the English language. Manfred presented his first ah-counter report and Arnout evaluated the evening as a whole.

The evening ended with an enthusiastic award ceremony in which the winner’s entered the stage with their unique power pose!


The next KSB evening will be moderated by Franz. Three speeches – including an icebreaker – will be presented. Much to look forward to.

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Hobbies and interests
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