Intercultural Communication

Dear Sprechbarista,

on Wednesday we enjoyed an evening full of entertaining anecdotes, personal stories and practical hints relating to the topic of intercultural communication.

How can you enhance your intercultural communication?

– Make sure you have a solid knowledge of the host culture language’s grammar and vocabulary.

– Top your language skills up with the appropriate verbal politeness strategies for making requests.

– Be mindful of your own and the host culture’s nonverbal communication patterns.

– Be aware of your gestures. Some might be offensive or have a different meaning in the host culture.

– Make sure you are aware of a culture’s unwritten rules regarding physical proximity. Don’t stand or sit too close (or too far).

The awards of the evening went to:

Tilman – Best prepared speech

Guest Cindy – Best table topic speech

Anne Kathrin – Best evaluation speech

Norvisi – Best use of the word of the evening „peculiar“

Our special thanks go to our four guests who courageously stepped in and filled one role each.

Thank you all for enriching Kölner Sprechbar with your thoughts and stories!

Kind regards

Lars & Melanie

Your Toastmasters of the Evening

Intercultural Communication
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