Words – our treasury for communication

What did you miss?

 Carsten’s great tip for diving into pathways with open eyes, ready to discover the new digital learning possibilities.

Those who were there can now levitate (“schweben lassen”) people. Levitating chairs did not work. But magician Carsten won the award as best speaker.

The other speaker, Ben, won an award for fastest ice breaker ever. He joined the club last week and gave his first speech last night. We know now that he was inspired to become an engineer at the age of four – and much more about his colorful life.

Melanie chose table topics matching the topic of the evening – “words – the treasure of our communication”. She picked English homonyms (“Teekesselchen”), like surf, bark, team, key and more to inspire the speakers. Tim and guest Ali plaid best with the words and won an award.

New member Anika and member to be Chris took the ah counter and the grammarian role and did really well.

Evaluations by Wolfram, Volker and Norvisi meant great hints as well as appreciation for the speakers. Norvisi got the award for it.

Véronique won the hammer as timer because she pointed out that there was no single black card shown during the meeting.

Hubert jumped in as camera person.

Carsten gave a spontaneous general evaluation.

Thank you very much for adding to my personal treasure chest (woe) with another great meeting and, by the way – you lifted me up very high with your comments for my moderation!

Anne Kathrin

Words – our treasury for communication