Coincidence or fate

Dear Baristas,

We could not solve the question if things happen by coincidence or if it is fate…

But we had a wonderful meeting with three prepared speeches:

Arnout confirmed that money cannot buy happiness. It took an encounter with Brazilian cowboys on a ranch for him to realize. Tim talked to us as his colleagues explaining how a customer can become a partner in business. Sigrid let us meet her three guardian angels – three young ‘Malteser’ who saved her and her friend Heike when their car broke down in the middle lane of the motorway.

Andrea jumped in as the moderator and found out that Carsten is ambiguous about creating a new role in the agenda of the meetings, Peter likes all roles as long as you get stage time and practice during each meeting, Anne would like a „positive only“ evaluator – especially at work, because at TM we already do it… Our guest Naji suggests the topic integration at our next meeting.

Carsten, Wolfram, Hubert and Norvisi appreciated the speakers and suggested improvements like a stunning start instead of an excuse, bigger fonts on slides, a connection between opening and closing of a speech etc. Guest Rocky from Rhetorik Klub Frankfurt gave an insightful general evaluation. Angelika collected all the fillers and got friend with the bell as well as with the camera, while Peter took the time. Guest George from BIT did not procrastinate (woe) to participate.

Anne had valuable tips as grammarian:
1. use prepared speeches to introduce new vocabulary
2. memorize the (very regular) structure of sentences in English and
3. use media to practice and listen to or read English in everyday life.

Every single person was on stage at least once! That’s the way it should be. Thank you all for making it another amazing evening!

Anne Kathrin

Coincidence or fate