You’re not a goose


Dear Toastmasters,

In our private and business life we sometimes have to remind ourselves that we are not a goose. If we are not getting the results we want, we can change how we think, come up with a whole new plan and take new actions to get better results. A goose can’t do this. We can start to develop a fearless constitution and learn how to manage our fears and negative emotions.. A goose cannot ask courageous questions or consciously change its focus. But we as humans can and so we all gave our best yesterday evening, trying to improve our speaking and presentation skills.

Moritz told us about the power of Zeus, using lightning and thunder to fight for his right. But you could as well use it as an analogy for his clear and determined voice that casted a spell over the audience and impressed everybody, as it was only his second speech. Anne Kathrin excelled in her educational speech about „Why becoming a better speaker will also make you a better leader“ with her professionalism. And Barbara, a former TM-member back from the States for a short visit, told us all about her dreams of riding a motorcycle on a highway into the sunset to the daily obstacles of working in a giftshop with stubborn cows.

Christian as table topic master surprised us with an inspiring and entertaining video about the last TM-meeting in Athens. He invited all attendees of the meeting in Athens to share their experiences in short table topic speeches. The evaluation speeches from Norvisi, Hubert, Roger and the crowd was helpful as always. Because after all, we came to learn – because we are not geese!

Take care,



You’re not a goose