Easy Listening am 02.08.2017

“There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak.”

Simon Sinek


Dear Baristas,

Here is the recapitulation of last Wednesday’s meeting. Chris Pascal and I were the Toastmaster Tandem-Team and guided a handful of members through the meeting last Wednesday.
Christian Bl. did not “shame“ us out with the Word of the Evening and Andrea told us a twofold tip. Christian brought us spontaneous laughter with his humor (Joke of the Evening).
Maja actively held her ice-beaker speech and Christian Bl, introduced us to TED. We listen attentively to the speeches and seized the opportunity to answer Christian Ba.’s 6 Table Topic questions all referring to listening. After the evaluations from Andrea, Hubert and Wolfram, Norvisi quizzed us and tested our listening skills with an array of inquiring questions.  The evening was summed up by our  repeated guest and the awards were given.



Best Prepared Speech: Maja
Best Table Topic Speech: our guest
Best Evaluation: Hubert
Best Usage of the Word of the Evening: our guest


I enjoyed co-moderation the evening with Chris and am looking forward to the next Kölner Sprechbar meeting this Wednesday.


Easy Listening am 02.08.2017