Money makes the world go around…

On Wednesday, four Toastmasters and two guests met up to practice public speaking, exchange ideas and enjoy an evening with friends.

After Anne Kathrin’s welcome, we had a brief introduction from the Toastmaster of the Evening sharing interesting financial facts. The warm-up started off with the word of the evening “hindsight” presented from a familiar face, yes, member from yonder year, continued with a “tax” tip and topped off with a joke to make us chuckle.

I (Christian) jumped with a “spontaneous” prepared speech and Melanie flourished us with six table topic questions, all revolving around money. 

Valuable feedback was also plentiful, coming from Anne Kathrin, Sarah and one of our guests. 

As General Evaluator Melanie gave detailed and appreciative feedback to almost every participant of the evening.

See you soon at Kölner Sprechbar! 

Money makes the world go around…
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