The power of three

Starting with a tip from Anne Kathrin, a joke from Sarah and the word of the evening presented from our valued guest, we dove into an evening revolving around the use of three.

Not only the value to add triads to underline your presentations, but how incorporating them in humorous tales keeps the listeners on their toes. Spice up your speech with the rule of three!

We proceeded with Anne’s creatively crafted prepared speech, explaining to us how discussing conflicts can actually result in benefiting both participants.

After enjoying Anne’s prepared speech, we went on to table topics. Keeping up with the theme of three, Melanie asked three members to hold spontaneous speeches revolving around anecdotes involving the word three. Christian, Sarah and Anne Kathrin took on the challenge, speaking successively on stage.

The well-observed evaluations were plentiful. All evaluations had, in my opinion, a fine balance of praise and new ideas to try out next time.

In conclusion, the awards went to Anne for the best prepared speech, myself for the best table topic speech, and Melanie for best usage of the word “mindfulness”, the word of the evening.

The audience was then asked to ponder a polylemma quiz question while in the break and we collected an array of creative response at the end.

The power of three
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