Do not ask what your club can do for you…


And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.


These sentence were part of the inauguration speech of John F. Kennedy adapted for our club. Due to we had only few sign ins for our English meeting!


And wow! What a evening! Amazing to see how many joined and made the meeting great again.


3 guests from Poland TM

1 guest from Münster TM

1 guest from Düsseldorf TM

3 guest from Bonn TM

1 guest from Köln

1 guest who is a Former TM

16 members of KSB


3 prepared speeches: Anne Kathrin, Johannes, Sigrid

4 table topic speeches: Alex, Brigitte, Johannes, Hubert

4 evaluation speeches: Peter, Maria, Tomasz, Sarah

1 word of the evening: IOTA


And the winners are: Sigrid, Brigitte, Sarah, Tim (WoE)


The tip of the evening were presented by Magda, she recommends and invites us an incredible conference in Poznań, Poland to join.



Again a very funny evening, thanks to all who made the evening so fabulous.


Your ToE





Do not ask what your club can do for you…