02.03.2016 – Summary English KSB club meeting 2nd March 2016

This Wednesday we leapt into an evening of learning and fun. During the warm-up Tim demonstrated the back-cracking application of the „black role“ and guest Wolfram entertained us with the negative side effects of the proverbial daily apple.

Then Ionut ascertained – word of the evening presented by Sarah – with his Icebreaker speech that we know about his aviation background and we learnt from Mathilde that mentoring doesn’t only benefit mentee and mentor but the whole club because it raises the quality of communication and leadership and enhances the supportive atmosphere.

After the prepared speeches Roger invited six table topic speakers to put themselves in the challenging role of applicants that had to name and argue their weaknesses, an unruly moment in their life, their selection of whine, their behavior towards colleagues, customers and their boss and so forth. Sarah, Friederike, Wolfram, Tim, Rainer and Christian K. managed to convince with witty and well argued short speeches.

This was also noted by Andrea, our table topic evaluator. Franz – our current Division Director – evaluated Ionut’s speech and gave him helpful tips for his next speech. Sarah and Rainer followed with reports on our use of language and on the evening as a whole. Christian K. had thoroughly counted our filling words and filling sounds.

What did we learn this evening? We learnt again that a loss of words can be turned around to a good finish. What it seems to take is perseverance and boldness. We learnt that a common good may have surprising negative side effects. The picture of the mentor as a companion walking next to the mentee on an unknown trail radiated calm and encouraging support. If you want to be this mentor or have one yourself don’t forget to fill out the form that Mathilde had handed out.

So much to learn. Your next chance coming up this Wednesday, just click here!

Yesterday’s Toastmaster of the evening

02.03.2016 – Summary English KSB club meeting 2nd March 2016

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