Rhetorikabend zum Thema Living Library

Auf dem Bild sind Menschen abgebildet, die reden und zuhören.
Living Library aka Human Library

19 people attended our Toastmasters meeting last week filled with novel ideas 🌟. We started the meeting with a tip from Melanie about the mentor program “Odyssey” 🚀, a joke from Anne-Kathrin 😄 and the word of the evening presented from our Sarah M. We dove into an evening revolving around “Human Library” 📚, an NPO headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here in Cologne, we refer to them as the “Living Library” 🏰. There are libraries where you can „borrow“ a narrator and listen to their life story for 30 minutes. The conversation might just open your mind, emphasizing the phrase „you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover“ 🤔.

We proceeded with Peter-Christoph’s prepared speech “Why you should teach your children fairy tales” followed by Christian K. explaining why we should be outside more 🌳, enhancing our communication skills 💬 and public speaking 🎤 abilities. One of the highlights of the evening was the living library KSB style. In this context, people being “books” is meant figuratively, fostering tolerance, personal development 🌱 and overcoming the fear of speaking 😨➡️😊.

We had 5-minute exchanges with a fellow KSBler about a subject that may or may not be visible at first glance and can widen your knowledge as listeners, improving our presentation skills 📊 and confidence 💪.

Keeping with the theme open-minded, Christian B. asked three members to hold spontaneous table-topic speeches revolving around candor and civility, a practice essential for leadership 👨‍💼 and career growth 📈. Toastmaster Tim, two of our guests took on the challenge, speaking successively on stage. Oliver, an honored prior member, had the opportunity to present a short speech he will be holding soon at his new job, showcasing his rhetorical skills 🗣️. The well-observed evaluations were plentiful. The evaluations had, in my opinion, a fine balance of praise and new ideas to try out next time and you can see for yourself with the videos that have already been sent 🎥.

The audience was then asked to ponder over quiz question from Norvisi 🤓 and Roger reminded us how many filler words we used. Gratitude goes out also to Christian B., for his role as grammarian 📝 and Kristof for his general evaluation and to everyone that attended 👏. In conclusion, the awards went to Christian K. for the best prepared Speech 🏆, a valued guest for the best table topic speech, Melanie for the best evaluation, and Thomas for best usage of the word “Pretty”, the word of the evening 🌟.

Thank you for the entertaining evening and wishing you all a good start in the new week 🚀.

Rhetorikabend zum Thema Living Library