Peaceful Slumber

Dear Baristas,

Here is the recapitulation of last Wednesday’s meeting. Peaceful Slumber was the theme of the evening at the Kölner Sprechbar. 15 members plus five guests were wide awake and attentive as we started the meeting in a traditional manner.

Olena presented the word of the evening  „in sync“ with the evening’s theme and Jan’s tip(s) brought us warmth.Manuela, as our first speaker, quickly got to the point in her speech on how to simplify the documentation of archery scores though her new App.

The second speaker Yannick recited a renewed, humorous tale, this time in English and Melanie described picturesque memories of her wonderful wandering in Camino de Santiago.The table topics, presented by Christian, were dreamily mastered by Roger, Christine (a guest), Enes and Wolfram.Franz, Anne Kathrin, Olena and Tilman successively evaluated the speeches, where as Norvisi commented on the meeting as a whole.

In conclusion, the awards went to Melanie for the best prepared Speech, our guest for giving the best table topic speech, Anne Kathrin for the best evaluation and Roger for best usage of the word of the evening.  

Wishing you all a good start in the new week.

Sarah, Toastmaster of the Evening

Peaceful Slumber