Communicating in foreign languages…

Dear fellow Toastmasters!

13 brave members and guests participated in our English meeting last night.Everyone agreed to the quote that language needs training just like muscles.

Wolfram entertained us with a speech about his encounter with Spanish police without knowing Spanish.Norvisi reflected about the importance of real oral communication in times of digital media.They were evaluated carefully by Christian and Melanie.

It was easy to use the word of the evening provided by Ben.. The award went to new member Lena, who also gave her first report as grammarian.Thomas challenged us with table topics referring to the language topic. With 6 topics presented, there was a 50% chance to go on stage!Ben convinced us of his cool life as gangster rapper. Lena revealed that female Ukrainian students hid their notes during exams in their underwear. Wolfram does not cherish the Cologne Grundgesetz: „hammer net, bruche mer net, fott damett“.His favorite Grundgesetz: „es hät noch emmer jut jegange“ was interpreted by Arnout.

Nani reminded us that the German and the Indian language belong to the same family of languages and Andreea complained about the long German words as well as the habit of taking verbs apart so that you forget what you wanted to say by the time you reach the end of the sentence. Nevertheless she spoke very fluently and won the award for best table topic.Manuela presented appreciation as well as helpful tips to the table topic speakers.

Arnout made sure we listened carefully, Christian helped us stay in time, Christoph provided three jokes around doctors and counted the fillwords, Arnout recorded with the camera..Norvisi as general evaluator pointed out that English meetings always have a special atmosphere and also work well because all participants are ready to jump in and take at least one role.

Thanks for the English speaking muscle training and see you next week!

Anne Kathrin

Communicating in foreign languages…