No More Walls!

The Wall: construction start 13.08.1961 * demolished on the 09.11.1989 length: 155 km around West Berlin* 302 watch towers 100,000 tried to escape the GDR * 5,000 were successfull between 136 and 250 died trying to escape.
The fall of the Polish communist government and
the removal of the fence between Hungary and Austria
marked the beginning of the end of the wall

Dear Baristas,

Eight members practiced their freedom of speech by speaking up at Wednesday’s Toastmasters Meeting.

Three speeches were held about a wide array of topics like Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN against climate change and how it was perceived by politicians and the public by Tim, the power of your voice by Sarah, and the sales arguments for hydrogen powered vehicles by Wolfram. Wolfram had chosen Mr. Hoffmann as his fictitious customer, and Mr. Hoffmann aka Roger continued as Table Topic Master. Roger played with the motto of the evening „No more walls!“ and let the three speakers Wolfram, Andrea and Caitlyn tell their creative wall stories.

After the evaluations and the award ceremony …

… all eight participants went for a nice dinner at the bona´me together — because they could sleep in the next day 😉  

Warm regards,


Toastmaster of the evening

No More Walls!