a walk in the woods

Dear Sprechbarista,

On Wednesday, we went for a walk in the woods. We got to know major tree species, discovered the role of forests in fairy tales and detected the semantic difference between forest and wood.
Sarah challenged us with her word of the evening innocuous (harmless, hurtless, innocent). Guest Holger advised us to visit Toastmaster Clubs around the world and connect with the locals. Vincent made us laugh with a less innocuous Limerick.

In his icebreaker speech Go, tell it on the mountain!, Tilman reflected his goals as a toastmaster. A charismatic and warm performance, expertise in storytelling, the ability of keeping speeches simple, the competence of providing feedback, the capacity of persuading his audience – these are the skills Tilman intends to achieve. Besides, he intends to extend his network.

Next, we took plenty of time to indulge in table topics! Table topics master Manuela presented eight subjects, each related to forests and woods:
Vincent took us skiing in the forests of Austria.Benedikt described a late childhood adventure story in Italy.Guest Samuel’s campfire ghost story involved his brother and a basement.Christian Ba presented the setting of his new crime novel: detective Miller in the forests of Maine.Guest Holger’s new romance novel started with a boy and a girl who got lost in the woods.Norvisi took her research team on a expedition to the waters and forests of Ghana.Wolfram found made an extraordinary discovery: a petrified tree in the woods of Hambach.As the campfire was still burning, guest Robin awoke our inner ghosts, monsters and demons.

Our evaluators Christian Ba and Wolfram closely observed all the details and provided valuable feedback and helpful advice for all speakers.
Benedikt performed as very creative quizmaster, guest Samuel was our grammarian, Norvisi took over the general evaluation and guest Robin counted our filler words. Sarah supported the speakers as the timekeeper, guest Holger collected the votes and Tilman operated the camera.

The awards went to:
Vincent Best Usage Word of the EveningTilman Best Prepared SpeechWolfram Best Evaluation SpeechChristian Ba Best Table Topic Speech and Hammer of the Evening
Here is one final recommendation for those who love to enjoy autumn on their sofa with a foresty book at hand: grab a cup of tea and read Bill Bryson’s travel book „A Walk in the Woods“.

Thank you all for a fantastic evening!

Kind regards,

MelanieToastmaster of the Evening

a walk in the woods