Dear Barista,

yesterday’s meeting has shown how active we are at Koelner Sprechbar. KSB is Kölner Summer Break.

While Nadji presented spontaneously the word of the evening: proud, Sarah’s tips were a good preparation for the table topics: say 3 times “ah” “ah” “ah” right now, so you won’t hear the bell during your speech. Use simple structures: past – present – future or your opinion vs. my opinion, … or follow your intuition. Use the 30 seconds to think. Draw on experience or you may use story telling elements such as “once upon a time…”
Caitlyn made us lough with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson’s conversation about the sky during their camping trip. Conclusion: their tent was stolen.

Thanks to our prepared speakers:
Nadji presented rapper Nipsey Hussle’s successful marketing strategy “proud to pay” which lead not only to successful sales of his music but also to enabled him to support his local community.
Melanie talked about her good (and bad) experience as a mentee. One of her conclusions: be sure about your goals if you are mentee.

We didn’t take a break from table topics, but even extended them to 6 speeches. Well prepared TTM Sara presented each question very clearly twice to the nominated speakers.
Andrea explained why her mother’s critics were somehow right and only halfway proven wrong: being a psycho therapist fits much better to Andrea than being a general practitioner.
Guest Teresa wished to be able to read faster which would help her not only at university.
Guest Robin considered that you would have much more time if you didn’t have to sleep, but maybe you wish to sleep to have dreams.
Roger demonstrated impressively how noisy his neighbourhood is and asked desperately for advice where to go to escape the noise.
Caitlyn (best usage word of the evening and best table topic) doesn’t share her brother’s love to Richard Strauss’ operas and hided her brother’s favourite CD in between a gorgeous book.
2 weeks ago Remko was so delighted watching the fascinating Formula One race, especially because of Verstappens’s performance, so that he was almost moved to tears.

Our evaluators were precise and on point:

Manuela appreciated that Nadji combined what he’s learned during his research with the personal story. She recommended to skip some information in the beginning.

Thomas (best evaluation) told us and Melanie which advice she clearly doesn’t need: keep it simple, use storytelling, keep eye contact.

Tilman did a great job while praising and valuing each TT speaker: strong starts, good postures, personal connection to the topic, … and also reminded us: earn your first seconds, then earn next 10 seconds from the audience.  

Grammarian Manuela was (among other focuses) looking for decent translations: “mow the lawn” was easy to find instead of “Rasen mähen” But what about a decent translation for “Fachchinesisch”?!?! Is “jargon” really the best? Guest Robin had his first try as ah-counter, guest Alice supported us as ballot assistant, guest Benedikt practiced his speaking skills as quizmaster and tested our attention during the evening. Remko had his first go as general evaluator. Well done! Andrea and Roger fulfilled their jobs as timer and cameraman with reliable experience.

·       Best usage of the word of the evening: Caitlyn

·       Best prepared speech: Melanie

·       Best Evaluator: Thomas

·       Best table topics speech: Caitlyn

Thanks to all who took a summer break at KSB. It was a great evening!

Yours TMoE